How to Select the Right Caster

When specifying or replacing casters, answer these seven important questions:

1. What is the average load and maximum load?

2. What wheel type is needed for floor protection?

3. What wheel diameter will give the necessary mobility?

4. In what type of environment will the casters or wheels operate (water, oils, acids, corrosive materials, or excessive temperatures)?

5. Will the unit be hand-pushed or powered?

6. How many swivel and how many rigid casters are needed?

7. How are the casters to be mounted? (i.e. Top Plate, Stem, Hollow King Pin, etc.)

Load + Weight of Truck divided by Number of Casters = Lbs. Per Caster

For example: 2000 lbs. divided by 4 Casters = 500 lbs. Per Caster

Divide combined weight of load and truck to get weight per caster. Our casters' load ratings include a substantial safety factor. If a load is dropped onto a truck without regard for breakage, then specify the next higher load rating. Generally, select casters with extra load capacity rather than "Just enough to get the job done."